Monday, August 18, 2008

National Bookweek at Pacific Adventist University Library

The Pacific Adventist University (PAU) Bookweek August 1st –5th, 2008, was a huge success as it started and ended on a very ‘high note’. The premier adventist university exhibited displays, skits, puppet shows, vidoe shows and many other fun activities during the week.

It started with excitement and anticipation as students from both the C’ School and I’ School together with their counterparts from the various schools came together to participate in what was a very practical and informative week of learning. The Library was beautifully and professionally setup by the Library staff and their student helpers.

Mrs Ita Kemba - the librarian who was in charge of the programme reported that over the
week, a total of 464 plus participated in the Book Week.

250 pupils and teachers came from Carr Memorial primary school, a another 107 pupils and
teachers from the ‘C‘ School , 15 from the ‘I’ school both primary and international high school situated within the PAU campus, 26 from neighbouring Granville literacy class, 8 from Maradahana village, 13 Preschoolers and their mothers, and 45 came from the Red Cross Special Education Centre.

Many teachers, pupils and preschoolers who came to the bookweek expressed their appreciation to the PAU library for organising this year’s bookweek and for giving them a chance to know more about the library and the different informational resources that are kept here.

Some pupils said that the program opened up their mind to see the importance of books and how books play an important role in people’s lives. The headmaster of “C” school said he really enjoyed the presentations. He went on to say that he had learned basics of how to use the Alice search system to locate books, something he did not use while a student.

Even the preschoolers had their share of fun and enjoyment watching cartoon movies on wildlife.

We look forward to a much bigger and better National Bookweek next year

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