Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Orientation 2009

The 2009 orientation for first year intake at Pacific Adventist University commenced yesterday, 17th February 2009. It began with opening address by the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Branimir Schubert. He wlecomed the students to life at PAU as students.

Some of these students will remain at the beautiful campus for five solid years, ecpecially those intending of pursuing double majors in business. For others it will be four years. There are some who will do foundation studies here and continue on at the School of Medicine at Taurama campus of the University of Papua New Guinea. The last lot are those who will be exiting with Diploma in Business Administration will stay for three years.

Today staff and faculty did introduction at the main chapel. The students then divided into various small cell groups to go to other activities organised for the day.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I just resumed work from leave. I was away from my office for 4 weeks. During this break id did a lot catch up work around home. Most of my time was spent in gardening, trying to plant enough to supply our table as well as a few extra income from surplus.

I had thought of flying home to my village to check on my people there but could not make it. I just returned from burying my father-in-law at Kainantu so i could not put enough funds together to finace my return trip. I will visit them later on this year if time and money allows.

Right now its back to work. I have the orientation to look at foremost. In preparation for this orientation, i completed the oritentaion booklet upon request from the orientation committee. This is how the cover of the orientation bokklet looks like.