Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hi friends,

I am finally back from my short hiatus. Actually I changed employment recently so from 2009 to the best half of 2011 i did not post anything on my blog.

I thank you all for your patience. I did a job transistion from the field of Libray to the Human Resources and am currently working with a government statutory body as a HR officer.

Look out for some interesting post soon..........

Monday, June 1, 2009

25th Anniversary

Pacific Adventist University is gearing up for a big celeberation this year.It will celebrate its 25 years of existence as an academic institution.

Many former staff and students from across the Pacific will cenvene at the campus from August 28th -30th, 2009. It will be the highlight of this year and preparation are already well underway.

The institution started as Pacific Adventist College in 1983. Classes began in 1984 after it was opened in the same year. Diploma adn certificate courses were offered during the early years and eventually degree courses were added.

In 1997, the goverment recognised and granted university status. Pacific Adventist University is currently striving to be recognised as a primier academic institution in the South Pacific region.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Pacific Adventist University

Pacific Adventist University or PAU in short is one of the leading universities in Papua New Guinea. It is situated 14 mile out of Port Moresby along the Sogeri Road.
It is a multicultural campus with students coming from across the pacific as far as Cook Is, Fiji, Tahiti, Kiribati, Samoa, Tonga and even the Philippines and Malaysia. In the past there were some students from China, Pakistan and Australia.

The campus is tucked away near the foothills of Mt Eriama. It is a well kept campus with beautiful and breath taking scenery, with three man made lakes teeming with fishes, amphibians and birds. It is a declared bird sanctuary in the country which attracts many tourists yearly. The smallest duck and frog-mouths bird are amongst those attraction that lure bird watchers from abroad.

Beauty and tranquility are not only the reasons that attract visitors to the campus but security and friendliness of residents of the campus also play a vital role.
Amongst those changes that are taking place at the university is the upgrading of the IT facilities to broadband through PNGARNET. A new administration block was completed last year by Home Guard construction and is now occupied by the administration. The library which used to accommodate the administration block is now fully delegated to library purpose.
A new agency for publishing arm of the SDA mission has been completed at the campus. this will cater for all Colportuer's needs in the local mission field.
PAU is a developing university that is yet to see more changes in the near future. Many development projects are in the pipe line.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Orientation 2009

The 2009 orientation for first year intake at Pacific Adventist University commenced yesterday, 17th February 2009. It began with opening address by the Vice Chancellor, Dr. Branimir Schubert. He wlecomed the students to life at PAU as students.

Some of these students will remain at the beautiful campus for five solid years, ecpecially those intending of pursuing double majors in business. For others it will be four years. There are some who will do foundation studies here and continue on at the School of Medicine at Taurama campus of the University of Papua New Guinea. The last lot are those who will be exiting with Diploma in Business Administration will stay for three years.

Today staff and faculty did introduction at the main chapel. The students then divided into various small cell groups to go to other activities organised for the day.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I just resumed work from leave. I was away from my office for 4 weeks. During this break id did a lot catch up work around home. Most of my time was spent in gardening, trying to plant enough to supply our table as well as a few extra income from surplus.

I had thought of flying home to my village to check on my people there but could not make it. I just returned from burying my father-in-law at Kainantu so i could not put enough funds together to finace my return trip. I will visit them later on this year if time and money allows.

Right now its back to work. I have the orientation to look at foremost. In preparation for this orientation, i completed the oritentaion booklet upon request from the orientation committee. This is how the cover of the orientation bokklet looks like.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Saved by the Enemy

Saved by the Enemy

Gazing into the empty space beyond the sky, as the sun was creeping at a snail's pace down to meet his waiting friend the horizon, the lone figure stood. Looking back to his village not far from where he was sitting, he could see figures moving from one corner of the village to the other side. Children were crying and women were shouting with trembling voices for their children. The sun had sunk into the horizon, so the place was getting dark and a feeling of fear enveloped the whole village. The place was so silent at this hour when darkness covers the village.
Descending slowly towards the village he could hear someone talking in stifled whispers to each other. He moved slowly and quietly, making sure not to disturb anything in his path so that he could hear what they were discussing. Few metres away from him, he could see a group of men. They were standing around listening to the chief from the village. They were discussing about what was going to happen and how they will face it the next morning. The tone of their voices was rough and hoarse as if a cat was trying to fight with a dog.
He recalled an incident that had happened during the past few weeks. Some young men from the village went to a near by village and stole a pig and some food from a garden. The owner of the pig and some young men from that village came to the village to resolve the problem and to claim some form of compensation. They could not, however, arrive at a consensus because the young men from both villages were shouting and exchanging heated words at each other igniting some tension between the two villages. The chief dismissed the case. The men from the other village went away angrily. “We will come back with force next time and there will be no mercy,” shouted the angry men.
“Kama, where have you been and what are you doing here?” a soft and deep familiar voice came from behind him. Kama turned around to see who was talking to face tho owner of the voice. It was his father. “Your mother is looking for you every where, go to your mother right now and do not stand around here, you are too small to walk around at this time of the night”, said his father. “What’s happening?” he implored his father with curiosity. “The neighbouring village is going to make war with us; we do not know they might attack our village during the night or early next morning. Go to the house and stay with your mother and do not come out,” said his father.
He walked slowly to the house, pushed the door open and walked inside. His mother barked at him angrily like a mad dog, “You little nut, I was looking for you every where, come inside sit down, eat your food and go to bed early.” With palpitated voice he said to his mother, “I don’t want to eat and I don’t want to sleep.” “Why?” insisted his mother. “I am so scared of this fighting thing” said Kama. “It’s okay son just eat a piece of yam and go to bed,” comforted his mother.
Kama went to bed but he could not sleep at al. He was troubled with thoughts on war fare and his eyes could hardly shut. He had a sleepless night wondering what is going to happen in any minute from now.
There was a loud noise and people were screaming and shouting from every sides and corners of the village. Women were running here and there calling for their children while the children were crying and looking for their parents. All the animals scurried in all direction for safety. Black smokes and flames were belching out from the houses like a volcanic eruption. The place was blanketed with thick smoke diminishing visibility. Many villagers had difficulty finding their way out but they managed to make it out with some help from others.
Kama stood outside his house disoriented not knowing what to do. His parents forget all about him because the enemy tribes had already over taken their village. As he stood there, he saw a man who was tall and strong with big beard running towards him. Kama was too scared to stand and watch this man. He turned in the opposite direction and tried to run for his life but it was too late. The man grabbed him roughly and dragged him away. Kama cried out for help but there was no one to come to his assistance in response to his cry. He was taken to the enemy tribe whose looks were furious and strong.
The fight was fiercely fought and three of Kama’s tribes’ men were killed by the enemy tribe. All the things were destroyed and the place look deserted, as though there were no plants, houses, animals and human beings there before. Every plants and houses were brought down. Nothing could stand against the enemy.
When the sun was high up in the sky the fight began to slow down, the warriors retreat to their side to rest from the battle. Kama’s tribe ran to the mountains for their safety. They sat there looking down to their village and saw the smoke rising from the burning houses. It made all of them worried. It was as if all the trees, banana plants, sugar cane and other plants were waving goodbye to them. Tears dropped down freely from their eyes like rain drops with no winds, lightning and thunder storms.
Meanwhile, at the burning village, Kama stood with his two hands tied behind his back. Looking upward towards the mountains where his people were standing, he could feel the pain his people were feeling at the moment. He stood there with tears rushing down his cheek. Kama was moved at the sight of his people but he was too small to do something to help them. He knew that he was a death person without a future. His enemy could do anything to him weather they will kill him or spare his life.
“We have lost our son,” said his father in a trembling voice. He recalled all the words that his son said the night before this terrible event. He could not control his emotions so he cried bitterly. The mother puts both hands on her head and weeps bitterly while looking down to the village which was once her home till she runs out of tears. She stood there watching the enemy gathering around one place.
The man who caught Kama pulls him and stands him in front of all the men. Kama suddenly realises that he is going to die right now. His eyes fill with tears. When he looks into the faces of the men he could not see mercy but only hatred. “Let’s kill him and leave his body here so that his family can come and take his body away,” said the men. Some men agreed and others disagree with the idea. They argued amongst themselves whether to kill him or spare his life. “Its okay, stop arguing amongst you!” said the war leader. “I have made my mind that we will save his life.” At that moment Kama’s heart began to settle down to its normal beat and position. “Who’s going to look after him?” said one of them. The war leader thought for awhile and said “My clan will look after him and he will be one of us when he grows up to be a man.”
So they took Kama to their village so that he will never see his family again. He will live with his enemy tribe for the rest of his life and will be one of them in the future.
- By William Tabike

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Independence Celebrations at Pacific Adventist University

The Pacific Adventist University community celebrated the 33rd Independence Anniversary in style. Many cultural groups representing different parts of Papua New Guinea and the Pacific islands region also participated in this day long celebration.

It started off with moving and challenging speeches from the three key speakers. When presenting his speech, the outgoing president of the Papua New Guinea Union Mission Students Association, Mr. Jethro Kasse reflected on the struggles and hardship the nation has come through since independence and posed some challenging questions to today’s generation. Another notable speech came from the dean of business at PAU, Mr. Ben Thomas. He challenged the student body and those already in the work force to think twice before making a move to seek employment opportunities overseas. He emphasized that our country desperately needs graduates to fill the different capacities of workforce across the nation to move it forward. Many listeners agreed to his challenges.

Many different cultural dance groups representing the diverse cultural groups around the country participated in this celebration. Participants who participated from the pacific region include Solomon Islands, Tonga, Kiribati/Tuvalu, Samoa, and Fiji including a lone Aussie.

Many commended the student leaders of Papua New Guinea Union Mission for this celebration. The last time such celebration to commemorate the country’s birth was in 2003.