Wednesday, September 3, 2008


Yes at last it has returned again. Semester two has just begun and the usual pressure and hype of assisting students with their assignment queries and finding time to attend to work has returned.

At times, I feel that I am not doing much for the cause I am here for, managing my section and ensuring that everything that is here is in correct order and that it is accessible to the clienteles. I am always bombarded with queries, request, etc from clienteles daily and I sometimes feel that I am not attending to most of the professional responsibilities that is normally required of me but that it just part of my duty.

It is challenging and fulfilling to work in such an institution where service is the ultimate priority. A service when given is two fold. While serving a particular student clientele I am not serving him alone but am contributing in shaping him for the mission field and the many returns. Only God knows the outcome.
In a small way I get satisfaction from the knowledge that I am contributing to " Educate To Serve" here at PAU.

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